wordpress-setup-logoProfessional CMS / Blog Setup


Many blogging and CMS platforms are available to businesses wishing to utilize this powerful form of online marketing.

Many platforms offer “FREE” versions of their particular software.

Some are not all that user-friendly. We setup and create your blog for you.


Our Pro Blog CMS Setup Packages

Our packages are tailored to your category of business or niche.

We like to take an in-depth look at your requirements before giving you a quotation.

For all their ease of use, many blogs appear unprofessional, or lack some of the great tools that make up an effective blog.

It pays to have a blog that is visually appealing and properly designed.


Ours is a Comprehensive Blog Setup Service

We provide everything everything you’ll need and we’ll assist you with setting up a domain that’s appropriate to your blog’s niche and/or your line of business or expertise.

We will also install the content management system that runs the back-end of your blog. And then we will help you choose a blog design that’s usable to your readers and appropriate to your needs.


wordpress_setupWe build most of our CMS systems on the WordPress platform for this simple reason: it’s the best. In our opinion. Ever. Its competitors aren’t nearly as well planned, documented, executed, elegantly coded, user-friendly and generally well-designed as WordPress. That is all.