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We know WordPress, we specialize in it, and we’ll be able to translate your web design ideas into success. At RedHot Design, we have been working with WordPress and Woocommerce for just over 10 years, with lots of happy clients. Most of whom recommend us to partners, friends and other businesses.
We regularly transform old, stale websites into standards compliant, device responsive websites, as well as creating brand new websites from scratch. Let us take a thorough look at your requirements before we give you a quotation, saving you time and money.

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Wordpress DesignThere are many CMS (Content Management System) platforms out there. Many of these platforms offer ‘free’ versions of their particular software. Some are not all that user-friendly, and there’s always a learning curve involved. ie. It’ll cost time to learn to use the platform (whether that is WordPress, Wix or anything else for that matter). We setup and create your WordPress CMS for you, and we’ll consult on best practices for maintaining your blog or WordPress CMS based website. We have worked with large corporates, medium and small business owners over the years, and we pay careful attention to each individual situation as each business is unique. Once your website has a solid foundation, we can set you up for success. We can set up Google Adwords, or assist with Facebook Ads or any online marketing you may wish to use. Let’s boost traffic and drive sales through your website. Talk to us for your WordPress Development project.

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