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SVG – some useful advice on Scalable Vector Graphics


When it comes to working with SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics, often there is a kind of communication gap between designers and coders/developers.

When used to their full potential in the development of websites and web graphics, the possibilities are amazing and often striking and elegant. There are very important insights to be gleaned from the article below, as well as handy hints and some inspiration.

We’re Web Designers and we specialize in WordPress Development.
We have years of design experience across multiple platforms, and extensive industry experience in Marketing, Advertising, and Branding.  We design, code, and implement your social media pages and websites according to latest trends and standards and this helped us a lot.

This article here by Sara Soueidan went a long way towards our own understanding and usage of this file format. Check it out, it is worth it!

Facebook Timeline for Brands kicks in today, 30 March 2012

Facebook Timeline for Brands 30 March 2012Facebook Timeline for Brands comes into effect 30 March 2012!


Attention all Facebook Fan and Brand page owners and admins: the time has run out for the old Facebook layout that we’ve all come to know and love!


Ready or not, the new and improved timeline for brand pages comes into effect today, 30 March 2012.

This is great news for anyone with a Fan or Brand page actually, as the timeline (among other improvements) makes the interaction between fan and brand/company much more personal. Get ready to tell your brand or product’s story, and showcase your business.


Among the bundle of changes Facebook has made, the highlight for us is the ability to engage with fans through private messages directly from the new (and vastly improved!) admin panel on page.


The entire layout and design principle makes for a great user experience and ease of use from a page administrator’s perspective.


Good luck with the transition, and give us a shout if you’d like any help!

Portfolio | Spur Steak Ranches Mall Adverts by RedHot Design™, Branding Companies South Africa

Kenilworth-Escalator Branding for Spur Corporation by RedHot DesignSpur Steak Ranches Branding

For over 40 years, Spur Steak Ranches have been part of the South African family.

We produce, install and maintain large format digital branding for the Spur Corporation.

We offer any form of branding, outdoor and indoor advertising.

We have experience and expertise when it comes to printing, advert design and implementation of large format digital media.

What makes us different among Branding Companies South Africa is our holistic approach to our clients’ projects.

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