We’re Web Designers and we specialize in WordPress Development. Wordpress Development by RedHot Design

Why we’re wordpress developers: We build most of our CMS systems on the WordPress platform for this simple reason: it’s the best. In our opinion. Ever. Its competitors aren’t nearly as well planned, documented, executed, elegantly coded, user-friendly and generally well-designed as WordPress. That is all.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

A coherent and cross-channel social media marketing plan is essential going forward. In “owned” (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and “earned” (retweets, likes, share, viral) social media, social signals are becoming more important (especially in terms of SEO.) Make your business more relevant, more accessible and more competitive. Exposure through social media can connect and engage you with potential customers.

Online Marketing

It pays to have your online ad campaigns properly managed- as a novice, you run the risk of wasting resources, time and money on ineffective ad campaigns. Allow a professional to guide your strategy, and plan carefully before you spend on online advertising. With online advertising you can carefully choose your target audience and with the help of properly installed tracking code on your website, results can be directly measured. (You can see visitor information such as location, search terms used to arrive at your website, pages visited, time on site and many more.)

CMS Setup

Many blogging platforms are available to businesses wishing to utilize this powerful form of online marketing. Many platforms offer “FREE” versions of their particular software. Some are not all that user-friendly. We setup and create your blog for you, and we'll consult on best practices for maintaining your blog or CMS based website.

Web Design

Web Design is What We Do.There is a common misconception that once a website is built, visitors will arrive in their thousands. There are billions of web pages on the internet competing for the user’s attention at any given time and making sure your message gets through (and sticks!) is essential to the success of ANY online campaign. That’s what we do, web design.

Some of Our Work